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Care For Your Pets From a True Professional 

Cute Beagle puppy in dog bed at home. Adorable pet.jpg


I am a Sarasota pet sitter with decades of professional experience. From dogs to  parrots, reptiles, small animals, and fish, I have extensive experience caring for both domestic and exotic animals - my service brings pets companionship and even training if needed - whether for a couple of weeks or a few months every year.




 Small Animals




Quality Time For Pets Big & Small 


Bringing love, affection and expert care to all your animals, I’m ready to do all your pet parenting for you while you’re on vacation, a business trip, or attending any emergency.


Apart from the basics like feeding and giving medication, I’ll make sure your pets get all the exercise they crave - taking them on outdoor walks, playing with them, and training them if need be.

I’ll also get them to their grooming appts or bath and brush them myself. I have plenty of grooming experience. It just depends on the breed and dog if I can assist you with that.


I love animals and enjoy giving them quality care that makes them happy at home. 

3 Months male blue and yellow macaw parrot in house.  Birds walk on the the dining table a
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Beautiful fish in the aquarium,Goldfish, aquarium, a fish on the background of aquatic pla
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